Medicaid Fraud Attorney Mission Statement

 Medicaid Fraud Attorney is a website designed with a twofold purpose: to act as a marketing resource for attorneys who want more traction on the web, and to attract potential whistleblowers who  have material evidence of fraud against the government and pair them up with lawyers who specialize in Qui Tam Actions.


Medicaid Fraud Attorney Can Help Your Law Firm with Marketing!

Medicaid Fraud Attorney provides deluxe web design and search engine optimization  services to attorneys who are fed up with paying exorbitant rates to bigger companies that deliver inferior results.  Our search engine optimization often gets clients on page 1 of a Google search. Unlike larger attorney marketing firms, Medicaid Fraud Attorney does not farm out seo services overseas! We do the work right here, in the Good Ole' US of A!


Medicaid Fraud Attorney Works Towards Pairing Whistleblower Lawyers with Potential Whistleblowers

Firstly, we locate and target potential whistleblowers through local sources as well as the internet. We educate them as to the various types of fraud committed against the government, such as Healthcare Fraud, Pharmaceutical, Government Contractors, SEC, IRS and the like. We provide insight into the process a whistleblower goes through, such as meetings with lawyers, investigators and prosecutors. We cover some of the pitfalls of being a whistleblower, such as retaliation, and go into the whistleblower’s protection, under the law. We also provide examples of some astronomical rewards whistleblowers have already won. Lastly, if a whistleblower decides to move ahead with us, we will find the appropriate law firm with a track record of handling the specific type of government fraud at hand, and present the case to that firm. 


What Types of cases is Medicaid Fraud Attorney interested in?

Medicaid Fraud Attorney, while not being a lawyer or a law firm, is interested in hearing from individuals who have direct knowledge of fraud against health care programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, or any other program that is federally funded. If you have been arrested for Medicaid fraud, you should seek out a Medicaid Fraud Attorney and speak with them directly.

Medicaid Fraud Attorney

Whistleblower Lawsuit

Medicaid Fraud Attorney Wants to Hear From You If You Work For a Company Committing Medicaid Fraud!

If you work for a company that is committing healthcare fraud, either Medicaid or Medicare, you may want to file a Whistleblower Lawsuit. An example of how this process works would be when an individual, such as a hospital billing supervisor, brings forth evidence that the hospital is committing healthcare fraud. A lawyer specializing in Qui Tam Lawsuits will then formulate a complaint and subsequently file it with the government. Upon successful completion of the case, the person who reported the fraud is awarded a substantial cash reward, based upon a percentage of the winnings. This reward often totals in the millions. In later chapters we will discuss how to choose the right Whistleblower lawyer for your case, based upon their knowledge and experience. We will even assist you with finding the right lawyer to handle your case, and help you present the facts to the law firm, if you'd like. We will never contact your employer!

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