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2 Former Members of NYS AG’s Office / Medicaid Fraud Unit on the Hook

A Federal Appeals Court ruled that an assistant prosecutor and a Medicaid fraud investigator were not immune from liability for fudging evidence  which falsely indicted a dentist, and the court […]

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Judge Gets 5 years in Prison for Orchestrating False Arrest

 Judge Bryant Cochran was sentenced to 5 years in prison for civil rights violations for orchestrating the false arrest of a witness who was cooperating with the state judicial disciplinary agency’s […]

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Juvenile Judge Comes Clean about Collusion between Lawyers and Judges

Former Justice John F. Molloy wrote a stunning eye opener on court corruption in The Fraternity,  an account of the collusion between judges and lawyers. This book should shed some […]

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FBI False Forensic Testimony Resulted in Wrongful Executions

FBI False Forensic Testimony FBI false forensic testimony regarding hair and fiber evidence no doubt resulted in wrongful convictions and executions.  The FBI admitted its “elite” forensic investigators gave false […]

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Medicare Fraud: Senior Phlebotomist at NY Area Hospital Details Routine Medicare Fraud

Medicare Fraud Medicare Fraud was apparently a routine matter for a NY area hospital, according to a senior Phlebotomist employed there. He gave details on how unnecessary blood tests were […]

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