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Medicaid Fraud Attorney NYC

If you've received a letter from the HRA stating that you are the target of an investigation- call Medicaid Fraud Attorney NYC now! We'll connect you with an attorney for a Free Consultation.

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Don't Go To Jail!

Medicaid Fraud Attorney NYC

If you've received a letter from the HRA stating that you are the target of an investigation-
call Medicaid Fraud Attorney NYC now! We'll connect you with an attorney for a Free Consultation.

Medicaid Fraud Attorney NYC - HRA Investigation Letter 

You’ve Received A Letter From The NYC HRA Asking You To Come In For A Meeting – Now You’re In Deep!

A letter comes in the mail from from the New York City Human Resource Administration asking you to come in for an interview to discuss your Medicaid Benefits. It’s not a lunch date! In most cases, they are investigating you for Medicaid Fraud. You could end up in jail! Your NYC Medicaid Fraud Attorney can go to the interview for you and help resolve the matter.

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“Don’t Go Into The Meeting Before You Consult With A NYC Medicaid Fraud Attorney – You Could be walking into a trap!

Medicaid Fraud Attorney NYC: HRA Interview

Going into this interrogation without an attorney could land you in jail, quick! Sleep better knowing that an attorney’s got your back.

Some people are under the impression that they can just go into this meeting, lie their way out of everything, and walk out. Wrong! The thing they don’t realize is, some of the “interviewers” are former  NYPD Detectives, and this is the beginning of a criminal investigation into Medicaid Fraud.

Still think you can lie your way out of it? This is serious business. Do you want to gamble with your freedom? When that door closes behind you, you may not be going home that night.

Speak with an experienced Medicaid Fraud Defense Attorney who can help get you off the hook! We’ll put you in touch with a 5 Star Rated Attorney who will handle your case and negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

medicaid fraud investigation nyc hra

Here Are Some Of The Ways A

NYC Medicaid Fraud Attorney Can Defend You

1. Your Attorney Can Offer To Settle The Case Before It Becomes A Criminal Matter!

If the Human Resource Administration (HRA) has sent you an investigation letter, it’s because they’ve already found inconsistencies in your benefit claims. You don’t know what evidence they may have, so why would you risk meeting them without having an attorney present? Your attorney can even go into the meeting without you. They may even be able to resolve the case before it becomes a criminal matter!

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The HRA has an incentive to settle cases – the people working there have to justify their existence. If they don’t recover funds and score prosecutions, they could be out of a job! New York City doesn’t make money by prosecuting Medicaid Fraud, but if you walk into an interrogation room without an attorney and make it easy for them, they might just decide to make an example out of you. As a result, your case could be referred to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution. If this happens, you’ll need a different type of a lawyer!

The smart choice is to contact Medicaid Fraud Attorney NYC before you respond to the investigation letter.

The right attorney can keep you out of jail and negotiate a settlement on your behalf, possibly less than what you owe. This can spare you a big headache later on. If you get caught up in a Medicaid fraud scam, possibly one of the worst things that can happen to you, besides going to jail, is losing your family’s health insurance benefits.   

You need to get out in front of this one!

Get started with a lawyer right away and let them contact the HRA on your behalf. This puts the HRA on notice not to contact you- that you are represented by an attorney. Having an attorney does 2 things; it gives the HRA a point of contact- so you don’t get any unexpected knocks at the door, and secondly, it puts them on notice that you are looking to do the right thing by settling and putting the matter behind you. This alone can help you avoid prosecution.

“Think about it: If you were the HRA, who would you rather have in the hotseat, a sitting duck without an attorney, or an experienced attorney who knows the drill? Sitting duck!

There is also the possibility that you could end up being sued in Civil Court for the money you stole from Medicaid.

An experienced Medicaid Fraud Attorney can pre-empt all of these negative aspects that you and your family might encounter if you get caught defrauding Medicaid.  The attorney can negotiate a settlement which can be paid out over several years, and let you keep your benefits in the meantime. 

The Benefits of Hiring A NYC Medicaid Fraud Attorney – They know the terrain!

  • You may end up paying back less than what you owe
  • Your payback period could be spread out over several years, to make it more convenient for you
  • You could get an agreement from the HRA not to prosecute you or refer your case for a Civil Lawsuit

2. Your Lawyer Can Go To The Meeting While You Get On With Your Life!

Aside from saving you money in the long run, a good lawyer can take some of the weight off your shoulders by handling all correspondence and meetings with the HRA / Bureau of Fraud Investigation. Having a good lawyer on your side can be a game-changer.

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What Happens If I Don’t Answer The Letter From The HRA? Will They Just Forget Me, And Go Away?

Hardly! The more you ignore them, the worse it gets! They will not go away and forget you!  If you miss appointments or your hearing date and fail to have an attorney represent you, your case can be referred to the D.A.’s Office for criminal prosecution.  

It won’t be pleasant if they issue an arrest warrant, and you end up getting “collected” at your home at 3 a.m., in front of your family.

Put That Headache On Hold And Get Connected To A Lawyer Today!

3. Another Thing A Skilled Attorney Can Do Is Cast A Shadow of A Doubt On The Allegations Made Against You

Although it isn’t always possible, in some cases your attorney can show the HRA they flagged you for investigation by mistake. Proving them wrong is possible, since they are human and make mistakes too. If your lawyer can do this – the investigation stops there. It’s a homerun!

4. Your NYC Medicaid Fraud Attorney May Be Able To Convince The HRA That The D.A. Wouldn’t Take Your Case Because It’s Weak

A good attorney can spot a bluff, plain and simple. If you are in the hotseat and hear you may be criminally prosecuted and go to jail, you may be tricked into admissions you otherwise would not have made. On the other hand, your NYC Medicaid Fraud Attorney knows the ropes.

Like the old Kenny Roger’s song, “You’ve got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em.”

5. The HRA May Have Obtained Information About You Improperly

If your lawyer spots a way that the HRA obtained information about you improperly, they may be able to get the evidence thrown out of court on a tecnicality. As a result, your case may be dismissed in its entirety.

Having your criminal case dropped puts you in a good position to settle any monetary claims as well.

The chances of you doing any of this without a lawyer are next to impossible, unless you’ve studied law!

medicaid fraud investigation nyc hra

A Good Medicaid Fraud Lawyer Can Help Steer The Flow Of Information In Your Favor

It’s possible that the HRA flagged your account, but they don’t have the necessary information or evidence to build a solid case against you. That’s why you’re being called in for the “lunch date”: so they can fish for information. A skilled Medicaid Fraud lawyer can spot this a mile away and shut them down, in their tracks! 

Have you been divorced? Were you married while you were on Medicaid?  It is possible that an investigator could interview your ex to find out anything they can about you which relates to your Medicaid claim. . 

Alternatively, the HRA may have had a red flag go off by mistake. An experienced lawyer can point this out before the HRA even gets started. This puts you in a positive position. 

6. An experienced Medicaid Fraud Attorney Can Show That You Were Initially Eligible For Medicaid, But That You Inadvertently Failed To Report A Subsequent Increase In Income Or Assets

Showing that a person on Medicaid made a mistake takes a lot of the sting out of the HRA Investigation because it takes away the intent to defraud Medicaid. No prosecutor in their right mind would try and prosecute somebody for an honest mistake like this. They’d rather settle and move on to other targets.

7. A Knowledgeable Lawyer Can Show The HRA That Some Of The Members Of Your Household Being Flagged Are Qualified For Other Government Sponsored Insurance Such As Child Health Plus

Your NYC Medicaid Fraud Attorney may be able to point out to the investigator that not all members of your household are ineligible for Medicaid, especially in the case of children who may qualify for Child Health Plus, even if the family is not Eligible for Medicaid.  

8. Your Attorney Can Challenge The Amount Of The Claim

This may include reducing the amount of late penalties or fees the HRA might charge if you walked in there alone, without an attorney.

medicaid fraud investigation HRA

9. Your Medicaid Lawyer May Be Able To Find Out What They Know By Showing Up In Your Place!

Let’s keep it real here! The HRA is Big Brother, They Have Access To All Your Info.!

Anything that is in a computer they can get to; tax returns, bank statements, social security numbers of your household members, property records. They can find out the rent you are paying and, in some cases, uncover income you earned- off the books. This kind of information can expose you to all sorts of problems in the future. You are better off nipping this in the bud by hiring a lawyer to do your bidding.

Don’t get caught up in the system. Let an experienced lawyer do your bidding and get you off the hook, whenever possible.
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