Medicaid Fraud Attorney

 A Medicaid Fraud Attorney can be helpful in several different ways; they can defend you if you have been arrested for Medicaid fraud, and they can also help you report fraud to the government. If you have been arrested or are being investigated for Medicaid fraud, you will want to speak to a criminal defense attorney specializing in this type of defense. On the other hand, if your employer is defrauding Medicaid, Medicare or some other type of federally funded program, you will want to speak to a Whistleblower lawyer who handles Qui Tam lawsuits.

Find A Medicaid Fraud Attorney Specializing in Qui Tam

 Qui Tam attorneys specialize in Whistleblower lawsuits that are brought on behalf of individuals who wish to report the defrauding of government programs. These individuals, or in some cases small groups, are usually employees of a company that is conducting the fraud, and their job gives them firsthand access to information pertaining to it. In the case of Medicaid fraud, the person may be employed by a hospital, urgent care center, radiology clinic or any other type of facility that accepts Medicaid and Medicare. In cases like these, billing is usually falsified in some manner to reflect services that were not performed in order to facilitate higher reimbursement rates from Medicaid. Often times the bills are inflated to reflect higher rates of care that were not administered to the patient. There are many devious ways in which unscrupulous people can defraud Medicare or Medicaid. If you work in a billing department of one of these facilities and a supervisor instructs you to perform billing in a way that doesn’t coincide with the actual services rendered, you may want to consider making a confidential call to a Medicaid fraud attorney specializing in Qui Tam /Whistleblower Lawsuits.

How Can I Find the Right Medicaid Fraud Attorney to Handle My Case?

At first blush it may seem like an easy task – you simply do an online search and see which attorneys pop up first. Unfortunately, showing up high in a Google search does not guarantee that an attorney is a specialist in this field, but more likely it may indicate that he or she has an experienced search engine optimization specialist. In searching for a Medicaid fraud attorney specializing in Qui Tam Lawsuits, carefully read the attorney’s bio. You might want to consider what they say are their specialties. You will want to see evidence of their track record with these types of cases, as well as if they ever worked for the government. For example, you don’t want to hire a divorce lawyer to file your Qui Tam! More likely a better choice would be to choose an attorney who previously worked for the Department of Justice and specifically prosecuted Healthcare fraud for that office. Even better would be to find one that recently left the US Attorneys Office and can still pick up the phone to encourage a Qui Tam Lawsuit on your behalf.

If you need help finding a Whistleblower Lawyer who handles Medicaid /Medicare Fraud, please send us an email –we might be able to help. We are not attorneys!