False Arrest – How Much is a Year of Your Life Worth?


This could be your cell mate

False Arrest: How Much Is A Year of Your Life Worth, In Prison?

False Arrest can affect every part of your existence and change your life forever. Let’s say you are minding your own business, trying to get on with your life; paying bills, dealing with family and health issues – all the things that go into living, when along comes a cop who decides, “today just ain’t your day!”, and plants drugs on you. How far your life goes down from there should be one of the factors considered by a judge or jury when they later decide how much to award you for false arrest.

False Arrest: The Pain and Suffering That Go Along With It

So how much do you deserve if you are the victim of false arrest, and how much “say” should you have in the amount of the award? Before we decide what it’s worth, let’s look at what the victim of false arrest goes through. If you were arrested in front of family members, neighbors or members of the community, how do you think that would feel? How much is that public shame and degradation worth? What about what it does to you –the victim- on the inside? Your reputation is all but ruined because anyone seeing this will most likely assume you are guilty of something, or why else would they be putting you, handcuffed, in a squad car? And aside from the mental aspects, what about your physical safety in jail?


If you are the victim of false arrest, how will you fare in jail? You will be in constant fear for your life and your safety if you end up in a maximum security prison. And don’t think you won’t – I mean, you are guilty, right? So you don’t have privileges or constitutional rights.

What if you get beaten or raped? You will have many sleepless nights, wondering what your cellmate will do to you if you do fall asleep.

False Arrest: Conclusion

One answer to the question, how much is a year of your life worth in prison, is that it is a personal question to which the victim of false arrest should have the most say. That’s right – the person who suffered through it is the only one who can answer that question. And I can guarantee you some of these victims will answer, “You can’t put any price on it.”