Law Firm SEO: Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Video Marketing!


Lawyers: Video Marketing is a valuable asset to your business that can’t be overlooked


Counselors, I think you’d agree with me when I say that you often write content for your websites or blogs, and as an afterthought, you  include an image, maybe a video. I understand. You’re too busy writing motions, taking depositions and running to court. So who has the time to write a blog article, script a video, get someone to shoot it, and the whole nine? Ideally your video marketing campaign should include video and written content, such as a blog article. The reason I say this is because Google is reading your article, even if everyone else is just watching your video. They are deciding where to rank it, in part, based on the quality of your content. So if your content is top notch, and you have a great video that is worthy of sharing, you’ve got a homerun!



What’s The First Step You Should Take When Creating A Video Marketing Campaign?


The first step of your video marketing campaign is to do keyword research and choose an appropriate keyword to reach your target audience. This research helps you see how many people are searching for a certain term, and how high the competition is to rank for that term. An example of this might be, if you are a personal injury attorney in Detroit. You may think that the best keyword for your campaign is “personal injury attorney Detroit”, and you may be right. But maybe the competition for that keyword is too high and you’d like to start off with something you have a better chance of landing on page 1 for. And when I say page 1 – I’m talking Google, baby! So you do your keyword research and find that a lot of people are searching for “How much does a personal injury attorney cost?” It is a low competition keyword… and you know you can kill it on this topic. Bingo! That’s your topic.


You’ve Chosen A Topic For Your Video, Now What?


Do you write your blog article first, and then create a video that is based on your content, or vice versa? Well, it’s kind of like the proverbial question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Either way you will be writing before any video work, whether it’s the video script or the blog article. And remember, your video script should be search engine optimized for your keyword, just like your blog article.


What Elements Go Into Making A Great Video?


Visuals. Yes, I had to say it because most people don’t consider this important factor, even though they see examples of it every day. What do I mean by visuals? Don’t just have a talking head. Don’t do a lawyer, sitting at his desk, talking for 5 minutes, unless he looks like Brad Pitt and sounds like Orson Welles! Use compelling visuals to grab the viewer by the… well, you know. An example of a compelling visual, if you are a personal injury attorney, might be an image of a fatal car accident, or someone jumping out of a burning building. The best examples of this are right in front of your face every single day, all day long – on the news. So, if you want to sit at a desk and talk, intercut some shots that really bring it home as far as visuals, unless, of course, you look like Brad and sound like Orson.


How Does STORY Fit In With My Video Marketing Campaign?


Story, if done correctly, captures the emotions of the audience. If you capture someone’s emotions with your video, you are more likely to make a memorable impression on them, rather than have them forget you the minute your commercial is over. Really, think about it –how often do you remember who the video is about when it’s just some gumflapper doing lip aerobics? People are more likely to remember a video that makes them laugh or cry, than anything else. Just something to keep in mind when you’ve got your thinking cap on.


Ok, I’ve Got My Video And My Blog Article, What’s Next?


You would then upload the original video files, already optimized and compressed, to your Youtube channel. You should absolutely optimize the video again, once you’ve uploaded it onto Youtube. This includes writing a title and description for the video. Then, if you’ve already written your stupendous blog article, you add the video from Youtube to the blog article. You may also consider adding images,  infographics and graphs –any visual aids to attract the eye and sell your wares. Once you’ve added the video and other visual components to your blog post, then it’s time to blast it all over the web.


Remember, If You Want To Catch Fish –You Don’t Go Fishing In A Parking Lot!


You go where the fish are, right? And you know where they are; they’re on social media like Youtube, Facebook, Google+, Instagram etc.  People are on social media to be entertained – and that’s a fact. So if you want to get more clients, or the “whale” you’ve been waiting your whole career for, get out there and do some deep sea fishing… on social media. There’s a sea of clients waiting for you to grab their attention. You just need the right bait. Video is that bait, without a doubt.