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Whistleblower Fired for Reporting on Child Protection Worker

      Whistleblower Fired from DCF A Whistleblower fired from the Kansas Department for Children and Families, files a lawsuit against the department. The supervisor was fired after reporting that […]

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Crooked Columbia County Allegations Theft of Public Funds

Complaint to NYS Comptroller Regarding Apparent Theft of Public Funds According to Supervisor William Hughes, there was apparently a theft of public funds going on at the Columbia County Department […]

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Crooked Columbia County

Columbia County is a Corruption Free for All! Crooked Columbia County was a website created some years ago with the purpose of exposing corruption in Columbia County, in the hopes […]

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False Arrest – How Much is a Year of Your Life Worth?

False Arrest: How Much Is A Year of Your Life Worth, In Prison? False Arrest can affect every part of your existence and change your life forever. Let’s say you […]

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NYC HRA Employee Convicted for Medicaid Fraud Scheme

US Attorneys Office Southern District, Preet Bharara, hammered a NYC HRA employee in federal court for stealing over a million dollars in Medicaid reimbursement funds by diverting them to his friends and […]

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