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Law Firm SEO Video Marketing

Law Firm SEO: Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Video Marketing!   Lawyers: Video Marketing is a valuable asset to your business that can’t be overlooked   Counselors, I think you’d […]

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Welcome to Columbia County, NY!

                             DA Paul Czajka Welcomes You to Columbia County!   Columbia County has long been thought of as a cauldron of corruption, with the top two men in law […]

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Law Firm SEO

Law Firm SEO  Law Firm SEO – 5 Biggest Mistakes Law Firms Make When Hiring a Web Design Company to Do SEO – And How To Avoid Them  Introduction    You […]

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A Reason for CPS – Parents Murder Baby “Chance”

This is one of the reasons we need CPS. Because there are fiends out there who would harm children. Unfortunately they ruin it for decent parents. It seems clear that […]

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Child Protective Services Whistleblower

  Child Protective Services Whistleblower – Heroic!     Whistleblower and Former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer sacrificed dearly for her efforts to protect children and families. She fought hard to […]

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